RPA in healthcare industry means increased operational efficiency as it’s aimed to shift manual, time-consuming and cumbersome work from humans to robots passing routine tasks to software robots. This would allow doctors to use their human skills in order to better address their patients’ needs instead of filling in consistently names, dates and addresses.

Processes to be automated

Innovative Future enables healthcare companies to balance costs, deliver superior customer experience, and improve process efficiencies to outperform business challenges. The most popular processes to be automated are:

  • Streamline manual, transactional tasks and operations
  • Appeal and data intake processing, digitization of patient files, transferring paper documents into digital records
  • Optimizing appointment scheduling, executing billing and claims processing
  • Inventory management automation
  • Mining and processing of the large volumes of unstructured data rapidly
  • Promoting wellness, case and utilization management


  • Value-based patient care at lower costs
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and transparency
  • Reduce operating and error costs
  • Increased cycle times
  • Increased regulatory compliance as steps are monitored and documented
  • Improved customer satisfaction