InFuture Platform

AI-Driven Intelligent Automation
We combined the most innovative and perspective technologies together with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches and practices to transform organization business processes to be more efficient, in times faster and more effective.

Robotic Process Automation

Engage a digital workforce to automate high-volume, repeatable and routine tasks that previously required human involvement, enhancing the work of human workers by focusing them on more productive and customer-focused initiatives:

  • Automate any end-to-end process of any complexity with diverse task types without influence on existing applications
  • Cross-platform
  • Business flow management: modelling, execution, analysis
  • Attended and Unattended automation
  • Exceptions handling and events processing
  • Data entry and processing through internal and external websites, systems and applications


AI-Powered Cognitive Capture

OCR- and NLP-based recognition, parsing and processing of structured and unstructured content of different source formats like documents, images and emails of any layouts and structures:

  • Rule- and ML-based data processing algorithms
  • Enhanced data extraction features to build up a training set for ML-model training quicker
  • Extended Decisions Models based on Deep Learning algorithms


Advanced Analytics

Advanced reports and charts are arranged in the useful dashboards to get a complete overview of KPIs across executed workflows, robots and human workforce:

  • Insightful and customizable dashboards
  • Powerful and configurable filters
  • Detect the event happening in time to mitigate the risks

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