Robotic Process Automation


Nowadays, there is a huge amount of conversations around a big potential of automation in different business domains and industry segments, specifically speaking about extremely powerful engine of three components: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies are generating completely new source of value for companies and organizations allowing to achieve greater cost savings, higher accuracy and quality, maximal productivity and efficiency.
Innovative Future focuses on a modern and innovative technologies directed at business processes automation using intellectual software “robots” that emulate human interaction within the systems and applications. It brings a possibility to automate high-volume data and repeatable tasks that previously required a human involvement. In contrast to traditional API-based automation approach, robots perform their actions interacting with applications through the user interface. They handle the data between any set of applications doing routine, labor-intensive and repetitive actions in times faster with no one second of stoppage, makes zero errors, and incomparably cheaper than human resources.
Another important advantage of automation is a recognition, parsing and data capturing of different information sources such as documents, images, emails and invoices of any layouts, formats and structures. The data is automatically extracted and managed (normalized, enhanced, corrected, uploaded, stored etc.) from the documents or any other source types.

Where applicable?


Client profile updates
Generating renewal premiums
Claims processing
Underwriting processes
Policy administration and servicing


Operational accounting
Statement reconciliation
Credit card applications
Requests for overdraft protection


Patient registration and data management
Provider credential verification
Inventory management
Member eligibility and billing
Case and utilization management



Back-end activities automation
Service testing and activation
Credit and feasibility check
Address validation and circuit testing
Order validation and entry process


Returns management
Effective sales analytics
In-store planning
New brands and product introductions
Perform trade promotions


Robots operate

Avg. handling time

Extended capacity

Elimination of human errors

Continuously trainable robots

Risk mitigation

Cost reduced by 80%

Payback in few months

Fewer IT resources

Reusable components

Replication across organization

Fast new processes implementation



Assist companies to meet their business goals by evaluating their end-to-end and cross-functional processes suggesting the most effective, less time-consuming, valuable and profitable automation approaches.


Build a strong and reliable automation foundation for companies by defining the business processes to be automated, designing automation approaches, creating automation workflows with AI and ML capabilities, training them, testing them, rolling it out into production, and monitoring its performance and productivity.


Establish Center of Excellence in companies by defining governance model, processes and KPIs, setting up mechanism for centralized knowledge management, building technical, functional, support expertise, and developing reporting and analytics mechanism to communicate and highlight benefits across the organization.

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