Technology dimensions

RPA is widely applicable technology with solid capabilities in different dimensions: web, desktop, surface and cognitive.

Desktop automation

Interacting with legacy applications, Windows and .NET applications, terminal and MS Office applications.

Web automation

Operating with data and elements from static websites, single-page and dynamic enterprise applications, application forms filling, screen and web scraping, data extraction, normalization and sharing between different applications, dependences validation, notification and reach back mechanisms configuration, behaviors determination and reports generation.                                              

Surface automation

Applied for flash, uninspectable, structure unavailable or structure changeable applications. Techniques allow to record any behavior required. After automatic repeat it sliding on a surface identifying web elements and interacting with them.

Cognitive automation

OCR- and NLP-based recognition, parsing and processing of different source formats like documents, images and emails of any layouts and structures.
It might be searchable and non-searchable PDF documents, invoices, emails, scabs, photos, contracts and many other information sources in .doc, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .msg and other formats.


  • No matter how complex
  • No matter where it’s located: locally or remotely
  • Minimization of hardware utilization
  • Cross platforming, cross browsing
  • Documents recognition of any layouts and formats
  • Recognition and parsing of structured and unstructured sources
  • Judgement using NLP