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What can modern OCR do in 2021?
Just a few years ago, OCR solutions had been working …
Intelligent documents processing
Nowadays, most companies do their business in a digital form. …
Machine Learning leveraging in financial reports analysis
Financial reports are a key part of work of various …
Recognition complexity of Asian and Arabic languages
Google provided text recognition for a document lying on the …

3 weeks

ML solution implementation time

The fastest automation implementation due to ready-made solutions based on Deep and Convolutional Neural Networks such as EfficientDet and CenterNet, high-level API and quick ML-model training time

1 day

ML model efficiency proofing

The highest speed of model training on labeled dataset through contemporary tensor processing acceleration due to Google TPU, Nvidia A100 and IBM Watson scale-out solutions


ML model accuracy

The ability to get the highest model accuracy due to Deep Learning innovative approaches and Convolutional Neural Networks algorithms of CenterNet, CornerNet, EfficientNet and EfficientDet